Check by yourself that the covid 19 pandemic is coming to its end soon
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To do this, go to the site  from John Hopkins University (for the United States consider each state as a country by using the site

With John Hopkins University map, in the left column click on a country. Several graphs are displayed on the right. Consider only the (white) death graph, the only graph that comes from numbers wich can be considered here as explotable, that of deaths.

Observation :
Whichever country you click on, find out for each country the relationship between the start of the pandemic and the pandemic at the present time. With a few rare exceptions, we can notice that :
All the countries which underwent the 1st wave during the first half of 2020 today only suffer from a very low mortality rate with the new variants (Delta or Mu).
All the countries which have not or too little undergone the 1st wave during the first half of 2020 are now suffering a very high mortality rate with the new variants (Delta or Mu).
The few countries that moderately experienced the 1st wave during the first half of 2020 are currently experiencing a moderate mortality rate with the new variants (Delta or Mu).

A more than plausible explanation :
For countries like Sweden, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, South Africa and others, even if it is more contagious with its latest variants, covid 19 finds far fewer targets than in 2020 because many of them either died or were naturally immunized by having contracted covid symptomatically or asymptomatically, with a virus that was more lethal when it started than now with the Delta or Mu variants.
Conversely, most countries such as Asian countries, Eastern European countries and others that had protected themselves too much from the covid escaped from Wuhan in 2020 still have a large target population to offer to the new variants and are currently experiencing their highest number of deaths today due to Delta or Mu variants.

A more than plausible conclusion :
In some countries, the covid 19 pandemic seems to be at the end of its life, to give way to a very low death plateau which could continue for some time yet or soon see a definitive end especially if we take into account a possible virus manipulated and escaped from a laboratory, a product of sorcerer's apprentices who can only partially imitate real life, the life of real viruses.
For the other countries that did not experience the disaster of the 1st wave during the first half of 2020, it will be longer, the time that their population can in turn acquire sufficient herd immunity, unless the virus disappears from himself by then.
Also, it is clear that the covid vaccination is not effective and that it does not help in the acquisition of a collective immunity.

In addition, hope gives life ...




RM - Novembre 2021