The covid 19 in France in 2021  

The sanitary pass and the Yellow Star, what's the connection ?

Since July 18, 2021, thousands of French have been protested against the health pass, some of which with the Star of David (see the photo below). Several politicians as well as a few eminent people of the Jewish religion have been allegedly outraged and condemned what they perceive to be an anti-Semitic act and an insult to the former victims of the Holocaust, without curiously no complaint having been registered. If memory serves, we might as well remember how it all started when Hitler came to power in 1933, eight long years before the start of the Shoa.


The health pass in France

Demonstration against the health pass of July 17, 2021 in Paris


On April 1, 1933, the Nazis launched the first nationally planned action against Jews: a boycott of Jewish professions and businesses. The boycott was presented as an act of retaliation and revenge against a false rumor which wrongly accused German and foreign Jews, aided by foreign journalists, of circulating in the international press stories of atrocities to harm the reputation of Nazi Germany.

On the day of the boycott, the AS (Sturmabteilung or assault sections) took up positions in front of Jewish shops and in front of the offices of Jewish doctors and lawyers. The Star of David was painted yellow and black on thousands of doors and windows, accompanied by anti-Semitic slogans such as "Do not buy from the Jews" and "The Jews are our misfortune." Acts of violence were perpetrated against Jews and Jewish property throughout Germany, with the police intervening only rarely.

Although this boycott, organized by local Nazi Party officials, lasted only one day and left many Germans indifferent who continued to shop in Jewish-run stores, it marked the start of a major campaign. National Party of the Nazi Party against the entire Jewish population. A week later, the government passed a law limiting public employment to "Aryans" only. Jewish officials, including teachers in schools and universities, were dismissed.

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If, in 1933, Hitler set up a segregationist operation, preventing Jews from welcoming the public to their stores and sacking most Jewish officials, the french government is doing the same today by trying to prevent most unvaccinated people to enter a good number of shops, in restaurants, in hospitals and other places of life, and by preventing access to work for a category of unvaccinated workers. In short, the french governement wants us to believe that the unvaccinated represent a danger for the nation, as Nazis once did with the Jews. What a similarity !

The resemblance between the two dictators had already jumped out in the eyes of some in 2018 :

Cover of "Le Nouvel Observateur" of January 11, 2018
"Welcome to the land of human rights"

Cover of "M", the magazine of "Le Monde" of December 27, 2018


There again, how the attitudes of these two speakers resemble each other ! No comment ! (video - 1 min)
with an extract from Emmanuel Macron's speech (Meeting in Paris on December 10, 2016)


4 x 3 meters display at the western entrance to Toulon by M.A Flori


And it was not until 1944 that the allies discovered the extent of the final solution. Today, how can we not hear those who denounce the possible dangerousness of vaccines in the test phase that we are offered, vaccines that may or may not affect our immune and/or reproductive systems in the future and thus prepare for a future mortality bigger than the one we know today, a question that no one, at present, is honestly able to answer. So, what about the precautionary principle, what about the balance between the benefits and the risks of such vaccination in the rich west countries while the rest of the world is vaccinated with a majotity of classic and proven vaccine, and what about a health pass whose vaccinated beneficiaries can transmit the disease as much as those who are not vaccinated against covid 19 ?




RM  -  August  2021